Initial Examination and Treatment Planning

The initial examination and planning is the golden key to a successful treatment.

In Milim Dental Hospital, detailed panoramic x-ray films and when needed, periapical dental x-rays are used before treatment planning. Intra-oral examination is being done in detail together with radiological examination.  Examination box is used just for the initial examinations.

Scaling and Polishing

Scaling treatment should be done regularly for gingival health. In Milim Dental Hospital dental scaling operation is being done without damaging the tooth tissue by using specific hand tools such as ultrasonic or curette.


There are basically two types of filling system. Conventional silver amalgam fillings and white colored composite fillings. In MilimDental Hospital, silver-colored amalgam fillings are not used. When it is appropriate, the change of silver colored amalgam fillings with white colored composite fillings is frequently carried out.

Pros and Cons of Amalgam Composite Fillings

The caries cavity that is formed after the dental caries layer is removed can be filled with two types of filling material;

  1. Conventional silver amalgam fillings
  2. Composite fillings

Amalgam filling material is not used as filling material in Milim Dental Hospital. Only composite is used as filling material.

  • Amalgam filling material contains mercury and other metals. Currently there is no a definitive study of mercury in amalgam against hazards by ADA (American Dental Association); however mercury is toxic in itself.
  • Occasionally, hot and cold sensitivity can be experienced for a while after amalgam fillings have been placed.
  • For amalgam fillings, it is necessary that more dental structure preparation be made, and that more tissue be removed.
  • Amalgam fillings do not harden immediately, therefore, it is advisable to avoid chewing on the chewed tooth for a few hours after filling.
  • The composite filling material consists of mercury-free resin and glass particles.
  • Composite fillings appear natural in the same color as the teeth. The color tones of the composite fillings can be aesthetically matched to the shades of natural teeth.
  • The composite filling material hardens quickly and the teeth can be used immediately as soon as the filling operation is finished.
  • In order to apply the composite filling material, less dental tissue is removed from the tooth and less preparation can be made and filling is applied.