Teeth bleaching operation can be applied as 3 different types of process;

1) Office Type Bleaching

This process is the bleaching application made by the doctor himself in the clinic. Bleaching gels and laser lights, with an effect ratio of 37%, are used together. Since the bleaching process is controlled by a dentist himself, it is the safest method. It is a fast and effective method. After a period of 1 hour, the desired whiteness is ensured.

2) Home Type Bleaching

In this process, patient-specific bleaching plates and bleaching gel are used together. First of all, a special bleaching plate is prepared for the patient. Afterwards, the bleaching gel, with an effect of 18%, and its use procedures, are explained to the patient and the patient can apply this process at home by himself. The amount of gel to be used in bleaching process and the duration of its application are the points that must necessarily be considered. Cases such as excessive application of the gel, prolonging the time may cause injuries in the mouth. Since this process is completely left to patient control, it is less secure when compared to the office type bleaching. It takes longer to get results when compared to office type bleaching.

3) Single Tooth Bleaching (Crown Internal Bleaching)

This type of bleaching process is applied in cases where the coloration of the tooth occurs not because of external factors but due to internal factors. Teeth start to color as a result of an internal factor, particularly in the canal treated ones, anomalous ones. In these cases, small cavities are opened on teeth and the bleaching agent is applied at intervals (3-4 days) and this process is repeated until the color of teeth are in the desired point.

Laser bleaching is currently the most widely used and most effective bleaching system among bleaching applications that are used. Unlike other bleaching applications, high-energy laser light device and bleaching gel are used together in laser bleaching process. Hydrogen peroxide gel used in office type bleaching has a 37% efficacy power and functions by being active on the tooth surface with the laser beam. During the bleaching process, colored layer on the enamel layer of the tooth is bleached and the tint of the tooth can be permanently whitened several tons.

Laser bleaching system is fast, effective and safe unlike home type bleaching. A smoother, brighter smile can be obtained, which provides long-term durability, as a result of one hour of processing time. This operation can only be performed professionally by a dentist. Bleaching process does not cause any damage to the tooth surface or tooth itself and it is a very safe application.